7 Reasons Why You’re Failing As A VoIP MSP (And How To Succeed)

July 8, 2023

In this constantly evolving world of technology, operating as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services can be a profitable venture. This type of business doesn’t require you to be stuck in front of a computer 24×7, since it is mostly automated. However, the landscape is not without challenges. If you’re not achieving the success you envisioned, you may be falling into common pitfalls. 

Here are 7 reasons you may be failing as a VoIP MSP:

Reason 1: Lack of Comprehensive Training

Problem: As an MSP, your service is only as good as your team. If your team lacks proper training, this can lead to inadequate customer support, mismanaged services, and ultimately, unhappy clients.

Solution: Invest in ongoing, comprehensive training for your team. Make sure they’re up-to-date with the latest VoIP technologies, troubleshooting techniques, and customer service skills. Hiring a HR professional dedicated to helping you improve employee skills will go a long way. 

Reason 2: Poor Marketing and Sales Strategies

Problem: Generic, one-size-fits-all tactics are often less effective in the specialized world of VoIP services.  

Solution: Develop a marketing strategy that targets your ideal customers—businesses that would most benefit from VoIP services. Tailor your sales pitch to emphasize how your services can solve their specific problems. Make sure your brand is present where your customers are. Remember, people are buying solutions, not just services.

Reason 3: Neglecting Customer Service

Problem: If your clients feel unappreciated or ignored, they’ll likely look elsewhere. Since VoIP is a competitive industry, your competitors would be ready to snag them away from you. A client who doesn’t feel appreciated can be taken away with minimum effort.

Solution: Prioritize excellent customer service. This could mean faster response times, dedicated support personnel, or regular check-ins to gauge client satisfaction. Happy customers are more likely to remain loyal and refer your services to others.

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Reason 4: Failing to Stay Current with Technology

Problem: VoIP technology is constantly evolving. If you’re not staying current, you could be offering outdated solutions or missing out on advancements that could benefit your clients.

Solution: Stay abreast of the latest VoIP developments. Attend industry conferences, subscribe to relevant publications, and network with other VoIP professionals. Leverage new technologies to continuously improve and expand your services. You can also send your clients a monthly newsletter highlighting the advancements you are doing to improve your VoIP service. 

Reason 5: Not Offering Tailored Solutions

Problem: Not all businesses have the same needs. If you’re offering generic solutions without considering your client’s unique requirements, you could be setting yourself up for failure. You’ll also attract customers from a variety of industries with different requirements. Managing them would exhaust your resources and give you no time to develop custom solutions. 

Solution: Take the time to understand each client’s specific needs and design tailored VoIP solutions. When you onboard a client, set up a meeting to simply discuss their expectations. You can also set up quarterly or semi-annual meetings to discuss any new requirements they might have. 

Reason 6: Ignoring Security Concerns

Problem: If you’re not offering robust security features, potential clients may be hesitant to entrust their communications to you.

Solution: Invest in high-grade security measures to protect your clients’ VoIP communications. Educate your clients about the importance of VoIP security and reassure them about the measures you’re taking. Remember, trust is vital in this industry.

Reason 7: Inadequate Network Infrastructure

Problem: The quality of VoIP services heavily relies on the network infrastructure. An inadequate network can lead to poor voice quality, dropped calls, and other issues that can frustrate clients.

Solution: Regularly assess and upgrade your network infrastructure to ensure it can reliably support your VoIP services. Consider partnering with a reputable network provider if you lack the resources to manage this in-house.

From training and customer service to marketing and staying tech-savvy, every aspect of your operation contributes to your success. As a white label VoIP platform, we, at UC Simplified, are dedicated to your success as a Managed Service Provider. We offer affordable all-in-one pricing, which is robust and client-focused. Book a demo with us today to learn more about white label communications solutions. 


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