What Is A White Label PBX System? How Do I Become A Service Provider?

September 26, 2022

We saw thousands of businesses across Canada adapt to modern communication technologies during the pandemic. The demand for white label hosted PBX in Canada has been consistently growing. While a fully customised PBX system can streamline a company’s communication, it is not always affordable. That opens up a major business opportunity for you as a PBX system service provider in Ontario. 

What is a white label PBX system? 

A white label PBX (private branch exchange) system is a ready-to-use cloud-based phone system that service providers can customise with their own branding, resell to business organisations for a monthly fee, and provide customer support as well. It omits the need for small businesses to build the system themselves, purchase hardware, or hire an IT specialist. 

Bright PBX is UC Simplified private-label platform in Canada complete with phone calls with automation, software integration, and artificial intelligence. Our platform is designed as a  one-stop solution for VARS, ISPs, and MSPs, and ready to help you branch out into more services including UCaaS and SIP Trunking

What are the benefits of white label hosted PBX phone systems for service providers?

When you work with us, you take away the stress of building your own PBX phone system, so you can focus on providing the best customer service. Here are some benefits to becoming a service provider:

1. Save time, money, and resources 

With no need for building a PBX system from ground up or paying exorbitant fees for hosting, you can focus on building a clientele and providing the best customer service possible. Since it’s a cloud-hosted software, the chances of service outages is very low. 

2. Ready to launch product

When you work with us at UC Simplified, you can freely customise the product with your logo, branding, name, and interface. Our market-ready hosted PBX system in Canada is the perfect white label solution to add to your product portfolio. 

3. Immediate technical support

No matter how good a system is, breakdowns are unavoidable. That’s why it is important to work with a reputable white label PBX system provider, who gets back to you immediately with a solution. 

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How do I become a hosted PBX system service provider in Ontario? 

Becoming a hosted PBX system service provider doesn’t require a huge investment, but needs a proper business plan. The first and the most crucial step is finding your target audience. It could be a small local business, a multi-location organisation, business with remote workers, or companies who want to outsource a PBX system. The second step is to understand your key differentiating features including affordability, 24×7 customer support, and flexible plans. 

The third and final step is creating a sales approach, which could be a one-time flat fee or monthly subscriptions. Your platform should facilitate your clients to scale as their business needs grow. 

Once you’ve covered your bases, reach out to us at UC Simplified and we’ll introduce to you our industry-leading BrightPBX solution. Schedule a demo with us today.


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