Is Selling White Label VoIP A Great Business?

October 10, 2022

With more businesses switching over to hybrid or remote work, there’s a higher demand for streamlined communication, both, within the company and with the customers. Landlines are outdated and expensive. And that’s where Unified Communications As A Service comes into the picture. Becoming a VoIP reseller in Canada is a great business opportunity, as the provider does all the heavy lifting, while you can solely focus on growing your clientele and providing them with the best customer service. 

What is white label VoIP? 

Voice over Internet Protocol is a telecommunication technology for voice communication over phone using the internet. It is reliable and works on different devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. 

Remote work is the need of the hour and many companies are switching over to VoIP, which is often packaged as part of Unified Communications As A Service. The phone calls are just as clear as traditional calls and there’s absolutely no learning curve.

What makes white label VoIP a great business idea? 

According to UC Today, there’s 30% percent growth in the global market for cloud communications. When you work with a white label VoIP platform like UC Simplified, you can brand the business with your logo, colours, and name. We handle the technical aspect of the business and help you build a profitable communications business. We are a Canadian-owned, Canadian-based private label platform and have access to some of the fastest and most reliable routes in the country. 

Reselling white label VoIP is a recurring business model. You can become your client’s go-to tech expert and they would have no reason to change their VoIP service provider. If you are already in the telecommunication sector, adding VoIP to the mix will only make your offering more valuable. You can provide your clients an all-inclusive VoIP package complemented with latest technology and reliable customer support. 

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How to choose a private label VoIP platform in Canada?

Selling white label VoIP is an excellent business choice but only if you find the right platform. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your private label partner:

1. Integrated UCaaS is a must-have

When you offer a complete bundle, you become a one-stop solution for your clients’ business needs. You can give them a better value for their money and ultimately retain them on longer contract terms.  

2. Mobile compatibility

With remote work becoming the norm, your clients’ employees should be able to access the PBX system using their smartphones and tablets. 

3. Video call feature

Video conferencing features have become a basic necessity of any VoIP. when choosing a private label platform, ensure they have the best connectivity. 

4. Quality monitoring and analytics 

The platform should give you access to key components of your service, which include congestion, packet loss, rebuffering, latency, and jitter. It should also provide you with diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. 

5. Quoting and billing tools 

An in-built quoting and billing tool will help you provide upfront quotes and streamline your billing process. 

UC Simplified is a team of PBX and cloud communications experts with decades of experience between our team. Together, we’ve developed a platform for vendors and service providers across the telecom sector — one built on resiliency, simplicity, affordability, and scalability. Reach out to us today to become a white label VoIP reseller in Canada.

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