What is Cloud PBX? How Does It Help Small Businesses?

December 5, 2022

Many businesses are moving from on-site PBX systems to cloud-based because of the several limitations attached to them. With several companies moving to hybrid or remote work since the pandemic, cloud-based PBX systems have become increasingly popular. But how are they useful for small businesses? Is it worth investing in an online PBX system? Continue reading the article to learn more.

What is cloud PBX? 

When compared to a traditional PBX system, a cloud PBX platform unlocks several features without costing any extra money. Some advanced features an online PBX platform offers include: 

  • Call masking

This feature lets you mask your phone number with a temporary fake number, so your agents or employees can make a call without risking their privacy. It is beneficial for call centres or businesses that do a lot of deliveries. 

  • Call recording 

It’s a great feature that lets your employees go back and get any details they missed during the phone call and also for managers for training and analysis. 

  • Voicemail transcription 

This online system will help you automatically transcript all voicemails you receive, so you can save time listening to them 

  • Call centre functionality 

It’s easy to add new users to a cloud-based platform unlike a traditional system. You can monitor calls, direct calls to agents and tech support with ease, and also get access to analytical tools to track missed or answered calls, length of the calls, and workload of your agents. 

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How does cloud PBX help small businesses in Canada? 

  • Convenience and flexibility 

Whether it is adding or deleting users or customising the platform to match your business’s requirements, you can do it swiftly with a cloud-based platform. It allows your employees to work from anywhere in the world using a device of their choice. You can efficiently filter data collected for analysis and reporting. 

  • Reliable

Traditional PBX platforms are known for their reliability since they don’t depend on the internet, so how would a cloud-based platform be more reliable? A good cloud-based PBX provider uses multiple servers across the country, so the load is distributed. If one internet server is down, the load can be transferred to the working ones. 

  • Requires little to no maintenance

Instead of investing in devices like phones and computers that need to be replaced, your employees can use their personal devices and make calls. All they need to do is install an app. 

  • Highly secure 

Cloud-based PBX providers have all the technological requirements to make their servers impenetrable. Your data and calls are encrypted and combined with using strong passwords, you can protect the information well. If your business deals with highly sensitive data, an online platform might be perfect for you. 

  • Lower operational costs 

You don’t need to enter long-term contracts with a cloud PBX provider in Canada. Many of them offer a monthly subscription with add-ons for an extra price. Set up is as simple as installing an app. If your business requires you to make regular overseas calls, you can benefit financially from the cloud-based feature. 

Switching to VoIP might seem like an inconvenience but in the long term, there are only benefits. As a small business, you can experiment with different providers until you find one that matches your needs.


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