Why Should Cloud VoIP Resellers Move To UC Simplified?

April 8, 2023

If you’re a cloud VoIP reseller, we would like to introduce you to UC Simplified, a Canada-based white-label VoIP platform with the fastest connectivity in the country. Our predictable, transparent pricing and strong connectivity separates us from our competitors. But why should cloud VoIP resellers make the switch to UC Simplified? 

Let’s explore 7 reasons why cloud VoIP resellers should move to UC Simplified? 

1. Expanded Product Portfolio

When it comes to product offerings, we go beyond traditional VoIP services and offer a wide range of united communications features, such as instant messaging, presence, video conferencing, screen sharing, and more. This means you can offer your customers a more comprehensive solution that meets their evolving communication needs, helping them stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape.

2. Enhanced Scalability

UC Simplified is built on a highly scalable platform that allows you to easily scale your business as it grows. Whether you have a small customer base or a large enterprise client, we can accommodate your needs. With its flexible and scalable architecture, you can add or remove users, features, and services on-demand, making it easy to adapt to changing customer requirements.

3. Simplified Management

As a cloud VoIP reseller, managing multiple customers and their communication services can be complex and time-consuming. However, with UC Simplified, you can streamline your operations and simplify your management tasks. Our platform offers a unified admin portal that provides a single pane of glass view of all your customers’ accounts, allowing you to easily manage and monitor their services from one central location. This can save you time and effort, enabling you to focus on growing your business and delivering exceptional customer service.

4. White-Labeling and Branding

Our white-labeling options allow you to brand the platform as your own, giving you a unique competitive advantage. You can customize the platform with your own logo, colors, and domain, creating a consistent brand experience for your customers. This helps you establish your brand identity in the market, build customer loyalty, and differentiate yourself from other resellers.

5. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven decision making is crucial in today’s business environment, and UC Simplified offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities that can provide you with valuable insights into your customers’ communication patterns and behaviors. You can access detailed reports on call usage, user activity, system performance, and more, helping you make informed decisions, optimize your services, and identify upsell opportunities.

6. Robust Security 

Security is a top concern for businesses when it comes to communication services and our biggest priority at UC Simplified. We take security seriously and offer robust measures to protect your customers’ data and communications. The platform is built on a secure infrastructure with encryption, authentication, and other security features to safeguard against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other threats. This gives your customers peace of mind knowing that their communication services are protected by industry-leading security protocols.

7. Dedicated Support

As a cloud VoIP reseller, having access to reliable support is crucial for your business success. UC Simplified provides dedicated support to its resellers, including 24/7 technical assistance, training, and ongoing customer support. You can rely on their experienced support team to help you resolve any issues, answer your questions, and provide guidance to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

At UC Simplified we focus on your growth.  Your business’s needs always come first and we’re wholly dedicated to providing all the support you need. Contact us today to schedule a Free Trial of our white-label VoIP platform.


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